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Our Pastor
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Rev. Neal Keeton and Wife Dialene

Rev. Neal Keeton, the presiding pastor of Mt. Carmel M. B. Church, is the son of Ms. Birdie L. Ealy and the late Fred Keeton.  Rev. Keeton is the proud husband of Dialene Keeton and also, the father of six.  Rev. Keeton has a desire to bring lost souls to Christ and focus thoroughly on keeping those souls anchored in Jesus Christ.  His accomplishments have became his testimony.  Rev. Keeton states, "Being bought up in the church and trained as Sunday School Superintendent at the age of 12, I strayed away from God; however, God never left me nor did he forsaken me.  I have been reformed and renewed and it is a great accomplishment.  Keeton feels that having a family is God's way of letting us know that the world must continue and his work in the ministry must not become solitude.  Keeton's ministry  started out as a choir member until God saw fit to promote him to a higher calling.  Although the job may not be easy, Keeton is determined to go all the way with God by giving his all to God and all others  that may need his assistance.  Also, we the Mt. Carmel Church family realize that we are all one body and that we need each another.  Keeton encourages all to take part in our Sunday Worship Services in the hope that you will be blessed.

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