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Mt. Carmel's Musician/Director

From the union of David and Betty Earby in 1982, Davida "Monya" Earby received the gift of life.  Davida is the second of two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. David Earby.  She is a 2001 graduate of Morton High School and is currently in her 3rd year at Alcorn State University, where she is pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences and serves as Assistant Director of the Third time recording Alcorn State University Gospel Choir.  She is one of the soloist on the most recent album:  "Washed In The Blood".  It was 11 years ago that Monya developed a desire to pursue her gift of playing the piano.  It is by the grace of God and the teachings of Rev. Walter Patrick that she has matriculated as one of God's Best in the Music Ministry. 

Monya joined Mt. Carmel M. B. Church at the age of 2, in the year 1984.  From the union Monya became an active member of the Youth Choir, Red Circle, Sunday School, and Bible Class.  It was not until 1996 that Monya was named the Musician/Director of Mt. Carmel.  She has been playing for Mt. Carmel for seven years.  Monya says, "It was placed on my heart by God to stir up the gift he gave me, by playing the piano, to help build the kingdom.  I prayed for boldness and strength and when I accepted the position as musician, God had already worked it out for me, and he has not failed me yet."  "TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR THE THINGS HE HAS DONE IN MY LIFE!" Monya's favorite verse is Romans 8:28                                      

Purpose as Musician/Director:  The choir, and music has a massive effect on the worship service; therefore, she says her mentality is:  "God, give me songs, to bring before the choir, with meaning and that can minister to someone.  I prepare daily, through prayer, for rehearsals and worship services as well.  As Musician/Director I don't consider myself to be above anyone else because we are all equal.  I do strive, through Christ, to create a bond in the choir that is part of the bond within the church.  If we are on one accord, then our ministry can be effective."  Although Monya is young, she is very anointed and believes in pulling out the best within the choir to uplift the name of Jesus.

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